Ceresit Impactum

Ceresit CT 100 Impactum

Ceresit CT 100 reinforcing compound is a ready to use, technologically advanced product. It consists of specially selected fillers and rheology controllers which, along with a special system of polymer emulsions, create the so-called dispersion matrix. The product is additionally reinforced with a combination of different types of glass, carbon and polyacrylamide fibres, which jointly create a complementary and spatial laminar system which determines the flexibility properties of the structure.

Ceresit CT 100 is also enriched with a mixture of hydrophobic additives which lower surface absorbability. As a result, plaster may be applied on the Ceresit CT 100 coat without priming, which increases the speed of application work (one stage less).

Ceresit CT 100 key featuresshowhide
  • highly flexible
  • fibres-reinforced
  • resistant to extreme mechanical loads and thermal stresses
  • joins cracks
  • resistant to climatic conditions
  • highly hydrophobic
  • does not require the use of a primer before plaster application
  • possibility of adhesion on difficult surfaces
  • possibility of integral dyeing
  • possibility of machine application
  • excellent working parameters
Impact resistantshowhide

Ceresit CT 100 consists of special fillers, rheology controllers and polymer emulsions, and is additionally reinforced with a combination of different types of strong and elastic fibres:

  • carbon fibres (graphite): excellent resistance to temperature, mechanical and chemical factors (tensile strength up to 2500 MPa, thermal strength over 700°C),
  • polyacrylamide fibres: offering higher temperature and chemical resistance along with unique resistance to striking and puncturing (just like carbon fibres),
  • glass fibres: with excellent wettability by polymers and dispersions and compatibility with carbon fibres.

This combination of advanced materials ensures the easy return of the system to its original form after mechanical deformation from an impact, preventing the system from cracks appearing.

Extremely flexibleshowhide

High-flexibility polymer dispersions together with carbon, polyacrylamide and glass fibres ensure that the optimum elasticity and stress compensation capacity can be obtained. The result is high resistance to mechanical factors (tension, compression, bending and shearing resistance), thus guaranteeing exceptional strength of the entire thermal insulation system.


CT 100 formula contains both silicate bindings andhydrophobic additives. The first ones reduce the compound’s water vapour diffusion resistance while the second ones lower its surface absorbability. Consequently, Ceresit CT 100 does not absorb water and does not allow for any moisture accumulation thus preventing moisture deposits. As a result, plaster may be applied on the Ceresit CT 100 coat without priming, which increases the speed of application work (one stage less).

Technical parametersshowhide
  • density: ca. 1,4 kg/dm³
  • temperature of application: from +10°C to +25°C
  • skinning time: ca. 20 min.
  • estimated consumption:
    - reinforced layer on EPS boards with single mesh: ca. 2,5-3,0 kg/m²
    - reinforced layer on EPS boards with double mesh: ca. 3,0-3,5 kg/m²
    - reinforced layer on EPS boards with strengthened and regular mesh: ca. 3,0-3,5 kg/m²
    - blinding layer: ca. 1,0 kg/m²
Technical properties Standard Requirement Value
* in a system with CT 79
** failure in EPS layer
*** in a system with CT 83

Water vapour permeability (Sd)* acc. to ETAG 004 ≤ 1,0 [m] 0,48 [m]
Water absorption (capillarity test) after 1 hour* acc. to ETAG 004 ≤ 1,0 [kg/m²] 0,02 [kg/m²]
Water absorption (capillarity test) after 24 hours* acc. to ETAG 004 ≤ 0,5 [kg/m²] 0,15 [kg/m²]
Bond strength to EPS - under dry conditions** acc. to ETAG 004 ≥ 0,08 [MPa] 0,17 [MPa]
Bond strength to EPS - after hygrothermal cycles** acc. to ETAG 004 ≥ 0,08 [MPa] 0,21 [MPa]
Bond strength to concrete*** acc. to ETAG 004 ≥ 0,25 [MPa] 1,49 [MPa]
Static modulus of elasticity acc. to ETAG 004 < 50 000 [N/mm] 357 [N/mm]

Ceresit CT 100 Impactum

Extreme flexibility of Ceresit CT 100 Impactum

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