Ceresit Impactum

Unique components

Ceresit Impactum System is made of complementary, laminar layers which include specially selected, technologically advanced products. The two of them are crucial for system’s high impact resistance and durability: Ceresit CT 100 reinforcing compound as well as Ceresit CT 79 elastomeric plaster. Both create highly flexible and strong structures.

Ceresit CT 100 Impactum

CT 100 Impactum reinforcing compound

A ready to use revolutionary product for preparing a highly impact resistant protective reinforcement layer.

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Ceresit CT 79 Impactum

CT 79 Impactum elastomeric plaster

An ultramodern highly flexible plaster ensuring excellent thermal and mechanical resistance.

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Impactum System's layers

1.Ceresit CT 83 EPS adhesive
2.Ceresit CT 315 Insulation material EPS-boards
3.Ceresit CT 100 Impactum Reinforcing compound
4.Ceresit CT 327 Glass fibre mesh ≥ 330 g/m²
4.Ceresit CT 325 Glass fibre mesh ≥ 160 g/m²
5.Ceresit CT 79 Impactum Elastomeric plaster
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