Ceresit Impactum

Resistance to dirt pick up

Thanks to high hydrophobicity of the system and smooth, tight structure of the top coating the so-called ‘self-cleaning’ effect of the facade is observed, that is the possibility of washing dirt of its surface by atmospheric precipitation. Drops of rain create the kind of ‘pearls’ on the facade’s surface and together with dirt particles run down along the surface, leaving the facade clean. With the surface’s leak-tightness and smoothness moisture and dirt have no chance of penetrating into the system's layers and the dirt particles sticking potential is reduced. Additionally, the system’s surface is highly resistant to the static attraction of atmospheric pollution (with the so-called anti dirt pick-up effect), which also contributes to long-term and effective facade’s dirt protection.

100 J Impact resistance
Hail resistance
Weather resistance

Ceresit Impactum System

Low-resistance system

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