Ceresit Impactum

Resistance to water penetration and biological damage

The system features very low water absorption, which means that even after heavy rains the facade dries out quickly with no moisture accumulation. The tests have proved low water uptake not only in the plaster structure, but also hydrophobicity in the deeper layers of the system. Particles of water cannot enter the system’s structure, so it cannot become moist as a result. This process is supported by a high vapour permeability allowing free outflow of water vapour, a phenomenon commonly called ‘breathing’ of the walls. Thanks to all these, the occurrence of moistness deposit is highly prevented, thus the danger of discoloration, delamination or biological damage (mould, algae, fungi) of the system is avoided. The ‘closed’ structure of the outer coating (Ceresit CT 79 plaster) provides the additional protection against biological contamination, stopping the unwanted micro-organism from entering or developing either on the surface or in the deeper layers of the Ceresit Impactum System.

100 J Impact resistance
Hail resistance
Weather resistance
Self-cleaning properties

Ceresit CT 79 Impactum

Early rain resistance of Ceresit CT 79 Impactum

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