Ceresit Impactum

Special features

Ceresit Impactum System is designed to withstand over 100 J impacts, confirmed by ETA approval, which makes it the number 1 impact resistant Ceresit Ceretherm ETICS system. It also features high flexibility, very low water absorbability and structural hydrophobicity.

100 J Impact resistance

High mechanical resistance to over 100 J impacts

The system’s very high impact resistance is expressed in its endurance against impacts.

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Hail resistance

Hail resistance

Ceresit Impactum System features high resistance against the damaging effects of hail.

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High flexibility and resistance to thermal stresses

The compact structure gives Ceresit Impactum System very high flexibility which allows for the relaxation of thermal stresses.

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Resistance to water penetration and biological damage

The system features very low water absorption, which means that even after heavy rains the facade dries out quickly with no moisture accumulation.

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Weather resistance

Resistance to changing weather impacts

Rapidly changing temperature or strong UV radiation will not affect the system’s performance or aesthetics.

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Self-cleaning properties

Resistance to dirt pick up

Thanks to high hydrophobicity of the system and smooth, tight structure of the top coating drops of rain create the kind of cleaning ‘pearls’.

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