Ceresit Impactum

Special colours come with a special elastomeric plaster

Strong colours can be used thanks to technologically advanced elastomeric plaster Ceresit CT 79 Impactum. These colours absorb a lot of light and heat, so the surface can get very hot and therefore in standard systems is liable to crack when the sudden temperature drop occurs. Ceresit CT 79 within Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum System poses no risk as it has been developed to compensate thermal stresses.

This is the HBW index (Light Reflectance Value) that defines the colours – the lower it is, the higher the absorption of light. Ceresit CT 79 elastomeric plaster is so flexible, that it can be tinted in dark and intense colours with the HBW index as low as 5% and above, while standard plasters to be used on the facade with ETICS are limited to light colours with an HBW index above 20% – 25%.

When HBW of CT 79 Impactum colour is less than 25%:

  1. the insulation EPS boards must be made of white EPS only
  2. the insulation EPS boards must possess at least one of the following characteristics in accordance with EN 13163: DS(70,-)1, DS(70,90)1, DLT(1)5, DLT(2)5

Key features of Ceresit plaster CT 79 Impactum:

  • extremely resistant to mechanical loads and thermal stresses
  • extremely flexible and resistant to cracks and discoloration
  • highly resistant to changing weather impacts
  • highly resistant to water penetration and biological contamination (algae, fungi, mould)
  • strong self-cleaning effect and resistant to dirt pick up
  • suitable for dark and intense colours (with HBW index as low as 5%)
  • ensuring high stability of colour
  • a key component of Ceresit Impactum System – an extremely impact resistant, flexible and durable external thermal insulation system
  • available in stone structure with 1,5 mm grain size in 211 colours of Colours of Nature® and 36 colours of Intense Colour System

So, whatever colour will be chosen for a family house, multi-residential or a public building, with Ceresit Impactum System and Ceresit CT 79 plaster, this colour will stay intense and clean for many years.

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Key colour: Intense CT 79 Diamond Day
Additional colour: Intense CT 79 Quartz Rock, Intense CT 79 Amber Beach
Socle: Visage CT 710 India Black (Granite)

36 Intense colours

Intense colour: Emerald Field

Intense colour: Sapphire Bay

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