Ceresit Impactum

Broad application of the system

Ceresit Impactum System may be used for single- and multi-family buildings, as well as for public and commercial buildings. Due to its resistance parameters and high operational durability, it is specifically recommended for use in the following zones:

  • single-family buildings: socle zones and facades which may be exposed to mechanical damage (next to playgrounds, playing fields, along pedestrian pavements, etc.),
  • multi-family buildings: socles and facades at the height of the first floor,
  • public and commercial buildings: socle zones and entire facades,
  • industrial buildings: socle zones and entire facades,
  • garage units, entrances to buildings, parking zones.

Moreover, thanks to the capacity of compensating thermal stresses, it should be applied wherever dark or intense colours (HBW index ≥ 5%) are planned for the facade.

EPS thermal insulation boards constitute the integral element of Ceresit Impactum System. The system has also been tested for meeting technical requirements with XPS and phenol panels, which are sometimes recommended for thermal insulation of the socle parts of buildings. However, attention should be paid to the fact that the extremely high flexibility of Ceresit Impactum System, its mechanical impact resistance as well as its limited structural absorbability, allow the using of standard EPS boards in the socle parts, with no need for more expensive solutions.

System variants

Block of flats

Residential house

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