Ceresit Impactum

Ceresit Impactum System – extremely impact resistant external thermal insulation composite system

Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum System is an extremely durable and resistant thermal insulation solution.
It guarantees:

  • highest protection against mechanical damage with remarkable 100 J impact resistance
  • highest protection against extreme weather conditions
  • highest flexibility and resistance to thermal stresses
  • premium thermal insulation properties
  • extreme durability

Long-term experience in production of the building's thermal insulation systems, along with observation of the most frequent hazards, has allowed us to expand the Ceresit offer with a unique solution: Impactum System. It features very high resistance to extreme mechanical and thermal stresses, excellent thermal insulation parameters and maximised, extended durability.

The Impactum external thermal insulation system is made of complementary, laminar layers which include specially selected, technologically advanced products.

Two products are crucial for Ceresit Impactum System:

These two products along with other system’s components, ensure the extremely high flexibility and impact resistance of the system.

System variants

System types with all components

Ceresit Impactum System comes in three variants with different combinations of reinforcement mesh types. View all the technical specifications.

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Broad application

Broad application of the system

Ceresit Impactum System may be used for single- and multi-family buildings, as well as for public and commercial buildings.

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