Ceresit Impactum

Weather factors

Intensified, unfavourable weather conditions have become more noticeable in recent years, like violent rainfalls and hailstorms. Sudden and large fluctuations in temperatures between day and night are added to that, with strong UV radiation in daytime. These factors have a negative effect not only on the appearance, but also on the actual durability of the building’s thermal insulation systems. Hail may cause serious mechanical damage to the final layers of the building’s insulation, and dangerous thermal stresses coming from quick changes in temperature may lead to scratches and cracks. Rainfall and frost cause further corrosion of the system’s structure. Extended, intense precipitation causes moistness of the system and long-term soiling which contributes to biological damage of the facade, appearing in the form of algae, fungi or mould.

Mechanical factors


Dents after hail fall

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